Workshops and Coaching

Reg is highly engaging and coaches and facilitates learning for new and experienced leaders and teams across business and sports

Leadership Coaching and Facilitation

Leadership of any team, department or organisation is critical to the successful achievement of outcomes. Reg is a trusted coach and engaging facilitator, highly experienced in:

  • Developing self awareness through the use of leadership assessments to provide an effective reference point for developing leadership further
  • Providing a leader with the support and encouragement to choose and action the most appropriate leadership objectives; and engaging their commitment in the development processes
  • 1:1 and small group coaching as an effective complement to overcoming challenges faced by leaders in implementation of development plans
  • Facilitation of leadership programs for new, middle and senior leaders

Team Development Facilitation

All teams can get better.  Only a small number of teams actually operate at the highest level of effectiveness and even they don’t do this all of the time. Using his knowledge of elite military, sporting and business teams, Reg helps teams significantly improve their performance. He has vast experience in:

  • Diagnosis of team performance and team challenges 
  • Facilitation of team development programs for teams based on his ‘Seven Elements of Elite Teams’ model
  • Experiential activities and camps that take teams out of their comfort zones and allow team behaviours to be refined and embedded