Reg Crawford


The Business Professional

Reg Crawford is a renowned Leader, Storyteller and Keynote Speaker, helping people to achieve great results.

He is highly engaging and coaches and facilitates learning for new and experienced leaders and teams across business and sports. Reg inspires people to challenge themselves through his storytelling of leadership and performance in the most adverse of life situations.

A Career of Highlights

  • Completed the grueling Special Air Service (SAS) selection course and served in the elite unit for a greater part of his career.​
  • Awarded the United States Bronze Star Medal for acts of leadership during the 2003 Iraq War.​
  • First Australian to arrive in Rwanda after the genocide that killed nearly one million people in 1994. Held at gunpoint by Rwandan soldiers.​
  • Commanded a multi-national unit on operations in East Timor.​
  • One of a handful of Australian officers to have commanded an American unit on operations.​
  • Advisor to the United Nations in New York in a review of international donor country participation in UN operations.​
  • Counter Terrorism advisor to the NSW Police Commissioner during the Sydney Olympic Games.​
  • Hosted and briefed Prime Ministers, Presidents and senior government ministers from Australia, South East Asia and Africa.​
  • Invited to conduct a review of the operations of the football department of the Collingwood Football Club, leading to a 12 month contract​ to implement a culture of high performance and a premiership winning strategy.​
  • Advisor to Olympic and World Championship sporting teams to improve leadership, team development and high performance strategy.​
  • Consultant to the International Criminal Court on management of African field operations.

The Giver

While I have not always been great at it, I realised a number of years ago the benefits of giving.

Not only does it help others, it is great for my energy, mental health and overall self-worth. I am passionate about two charities:

The SAS Resources Trust.

Sadly in 1996, while serving in the SAS a terrible tragedy occurred outside of Townsville just after sunset on the 12th of June. 15 of Australia’s finest soldiers and three Blackhawk aircrew died when two helicopters collided. While it was one of the saddest things to ever happen to my ‘family’ something great came in the aftermath, thanks to the generosity of many great Australians. The SAS Resources Trust was established to help look after the families of fallen and seriously wounded SAS soldiers and has provided housing and education assistance to those who lost partners and fathers. I am in awe of the work of the trust and seek to do my bit to help raise funds when I can.

Tour de Cure.

I always thought I had been lucky not to have had a significant cancer story in my life. But slowly, it started to enter my life.  My mother, uncles, and then more recently, a respected mate, a client, a sister of a mate…and I realized talking to people that I needed to do my bit.  Tour de Cure (TDC) is a great Australian charity that funds Cancer research. I have participated in the last two annual Signature Tour’ bike rides that have together raised $6m for TDC.  The rides are tough, painful and training to ride 1400km over 8-9 days requires a lot of time away from family and work.  But as my fellow riders say, it is a small sacrifice compared to the suffering that others with Cancer endure. I really love doing my bit for this wonderful charity…because I can.

The Family Man

Reg is passionate about his family and has chosen to work part time to allow me to devote time to them.

For many years, my wife had to play ‘second fiddle’ to my career.  A few years ago, she told me that she wanted to take the lead and flourish in her career. Although it was hard to step back from career success, when I realized that if I switched my mindset, it was all about supporting her and our family. I now get to take my last school aged daughter to and from school and her sport, cook (not very well), clean (even worse), manage the family admin, and look after the pets! I am not the perfect husband or father, but I try.

I also find that the time that I do get to spend with clients is better because I can focus on a less busy schedule. I am a very lucky man.