Storytelling & Keynote Speaking

Reg is more than just a storyteller. He raises awareness of what is possible by drawing on his unique experience and helping others to learn and translate these experiences to their own situations. Reg’s storytelling themes and keynote topics include:

Courage in the face of adversity

Decision Making Under Pressure

Elite Team Performance

Authentic and Courageous Leadership

Purpose and Values

Energy and Self Leadership


– Leadership

Insights into the most impactful leadership behaviour through Reg’s experience in leading teams and units in complex and adverse situations.

– Teamwork

Understand what it takes to help your teams to improve their performance and move from average to elite performance.

– Courage in the Face of Adversity

Hear how leaders can be courageous and authentic, regardless of position or authority and how anyone with the persistence to always do the right thing can influence with impact and achieve seemingly impossible outcomes.