Reg Crawford

Storyteller, Leader, Coach​

Having enjoyed a 22 year Army career that included operational service in Rwanda, East Timor and Iraq, Reg uses his unique leadership experience and insight into elite performance to help transform thinking and performance.

Reg served in the elite Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) for a greater part of his career and commanded units from small teams to operational units of 300 personnel, including soldiers from Egypt, the UK and the USA. He gained considerable cultural awareness and experience working closely with military, civilian and government organisations from many nations.​

A highly sought-after speaker, facilitator and coach who works with individuals, teams and organisations in business and elite sport.

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Storytelling & Keynote Speaking

Reg Crawford is a renowned Leader, Storyteller and Keynote
Speaker, helping people to achieve great results.​

He is highly engaging and coaches and facilitates learning for new and experienced leaders and teams across business and sports. Reg inspires​
people to challenge themselves through his storytelling of leadership and performance in the most adverse of life situations.​

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Workshops and Coaching

Reg is more than just a storyteller. He raises awareness of what is possible by drawing on his own experiences and helping others to learn and translate these experiences to their own situations.

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Reg sits down with Jim and Damian from the Fearless Conversations podcast to speak about his time as an Australian Special Forces Commander.

They discuss leadership, teams and what it takes to build trust at scale.

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